Natrol melatonin time release 3mg

I absolutely love this melatonin tablets! They work faster than others I’ve tried – perfect for me, my husband and teenagers. Plus, they’re a lifesaver for jetlag and travelling. Great value for a good night sleep for everyone. And not addictive too! 🙂

Mike N.
Stress relax melatonin

My sister and I tried this melatonin chewable pills and after just first pill we are shocked how great it works on us. It made her dizzy and sleepy just after 15 mins of eating it. I ate it and started sleeping very quickly. So thumbs up for insomniacs who need sleep desperately! 👍

Edora M.
Life extension optimized ashwagandha

I bought it for my wife because she’s been dealing with a lot of stress at work. Its been a week and I am thrilled at how much calmer she is now. Her mood and sleep is much better now. Good quality ashwaganda. I was kinda skeptic about it at first, but this really helps!

A. Afif




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